Highland Dance

Highland dance is an athletic, rhythmical art form which is steeped in tradition. Dancers perform precise, intricate movements which require stamina and coordination. As both an art form and an athletic adventure, dancers get to choose where to excel. Many dancers love to compete as they work their way up the levels until they reach the World Championships in Cowal. Other dancers enjoy sharing their culture with people as they perform at informal gatherings. Highland dance builds on the traditions of the past while creating a new world for the future.


Throughout the year Tartan Thistle Dancers are invited to perform at informal gatherings. These shows help dancers to gain confidence in their skills and to share their love for highland dance.

Medal Tests (exams)

The purpose of medal tests is to dance for an examiner who will give each dancer individual comments on how they can improve. This is not a competition; each student has the opportunity to be 'highly commended'. Each dancer is prepared for the exams at their current level. Every dancer who successfully passes their dance exam receives a certificate and a medal. We follow the SDTA (Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance) syllabus.


A unique aspect to Highland dancing is its competitions. No dancer is required to compete. Participating in competitions is a choice each dancer has to make with their family. When your dancer is ready to compete, they will be given the necessary forms to register with the (SOBHD) Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing who maintain standards around the world. There are many competitions around England each calendar year, and even more in Scotland during the summer.